Meadows are an excellent alternative to lawns, mowed fields, and large mulched garden beds. They can even be used as large-scale garden elements in urban/ suburban settings. A meadow…

  • Saves you money by eliminating weekly mowing and intensive maintenance
  • Reduces your environmental footprint
  • Contributes to native plant usage
  • Provides continually changing seasonal beauty
  • Provides increased wildlife viewing opportunities
  • Benefits our environment through support for pollinators, food sources, nesting and shelter
  • Provides excellent infiltration of rainwater
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This short video is an overview of native meadows. You’ll see the variability and seasonal changes of native meadows, how they differ from disturbed fields, their importance to wildlife, and highlights of how they are planted and maintained.

Meadow Consultation Services

I provide services for all aspects of meadow design, installation, and maintenance.

Gary Campbell consulting with clients standing in meadow

Meadow consultation

  • Site assessment and integration into master landscape planning
  • Customized Seed mix development/ plant design including for accent features
  • Installation support, early development nurturing, and path design
  • Ongoing management support including invasive plant strategies
  • Residential, commercial, public properties of all sizes
  • For property owners, builders, and landscaping firms
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