I’ve been designing creative landscapes for my clients since 1998 with an approach focused on my clients’ aesthetic, functional, and budgetary needs, while integrating ecological principals.

Overhead view of natural styled backyard patio area
House situated behind a deep swath of meadow and a path through the meadow
Gravel and mulch paths and a decorative bridge provide framework and visual relief from dense plantings of a yard area
House situated behind a deep swath of meadow showing great fall colors

My designs and consultations are informed from years of my own hands-on experience with my own property. I’ve converted and developed my 4 acres starting from a fallow farm field with highly degraded woodland edges. The result is a garden and wildlife paradise with outdoor living areas for entertaining and relaxation. Features include 2 acres of meadow and paths, restored woodlands, complex mixed native perennial beds, a naturalistic pond and stream, and organic vegetable and herb gardens.

I’ve had a lifetime interest in nature observation and the environment. I started as a birder, and have kept adding more areas of interest including insects of all sorts. I love to observe wildlife in its natural environment in order to understand its impact and relationship with our landscapes.

I earned a B.S. degree in Horticulture from Temple University in a program allied with Landscape Architecture that emphasized an environmental based approach to improving the quality of our urban, suburban and rural communities. I also have a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State University.