Landscape and area plans that integrate your unique needs,  preferences and goals. I create plans customized and optimal for your site. My goal is to help you achieve your goals.

  • Increase the value of your home
  • Extend your living space to the outdoors
  • Avoid costly mistakes and unplanned modifications
Wide structured and diverse native planting bed flanking front entrance walkwayNatural flagstone walk leading to home front porch through natural garden mixed plantings
Low perspective view of open rustic garden gate flanked by garden beds
Fieldstone stepping garden path leading through mixed plantings groundcover
Design Plan for backyard with meadows, rain garden, patio and walkway
Design Plan for backyard with paths, waterfeature, out-building and plantings
Design Plan for a backyard pool, patio and surrounding plantings
Design Plan Planting Overview and Planting Design with numerous details
Design Plan for woodland home including images of hardscape details and sketchup renderings
Design Plan for small sideyard meadow-style garden
Design Plan hardscape details sheet with mulit-level patio, walks, entry features
3D sketchup capture of patio area with focus on cascading water feature, steps and more

  Landscape Plans

Master plans for large properties, small space area plans

Design for your dream while sequencing installation to your time and budget. Whether you’re the do-it-yourself type or contracting installation, an independent and detailed design plan allows you greater control over your results and cost.
Summer bloom scene of bog garden and woods edge dominated by Joe-pye and Lobelia siphilitica
Waterlilies blooming in planted naturalistic backyard pond
Close-up of mixed woodland groundcovers including blooming Jacob's Ladder and Heuchera longiflora
3 Monarch butterflies nectaring on flowering Joe-pye

  Specialty Gardens

Native plants, rain gardens, pollinator habitat

Success isn’t as simple as selecting plants from a list! As a horticulturist, life-long gardener and naturalist, I understand the special needs of plant communities and their function in the landscape to help achieve thriving gardens.
Slide thumbnailFlagstone patio area with adjacent arbor for a bench swing
A semi-circular patio niche with sitting wall
Backyard custom deck with angular staircase
Backyard patio and path confluence with multiple materials and a circular feature flagstone element as a hub
A rustic custom gate and fence panels made from wrought iron cedar and copper
Winding path through front yard with mixed materials and low stone walls
Custom designed pool outbuilding with matching feature from the house architecture
A flowing gravel path and patio space with a centered multi-tiered fountain
Entrance portal for winery with tall stone walls, gate and steps and a semi-circular apron

  Hardscape Features

Patios, walks, walls, decks, ponds, pools, out-buildings

Built landscapes use hardscape elements to improve function and provide outdoor living enjoyment. Hardscaping deserves careful planning to ensure long-life and maximum appeal for your budget and aesthetic preferences.