A unique synthesis of…






Every CNLD design is a unique expression of a client’s needs and desires and my creativity and skills. Some of my clients seek to develop full landscapes of their dreams. Other clients want to create small scale outdoor living areas, specialty gardens, or solve specific issues.

CNLD provides expert advice as an independent landscape consultant. I guide clients to professional results when they want to do the work themselves. I help clients identify cost effective and smart solutions when hiring professional installers.

Meadows and meadow gardens are one of the most cost effective and environmentally beneficial plantings when envisioned and executed correctly. A beautiful meadow can suit a wide variety of residential and commercial situations. Intrigued?

I’ve been designing creative landscapes for CNLD clients since 1998 with an approach focused on my clients’ aesthetic, functional, and budgetary needs, while integrating ecological principals.

My experience extends beyond CNLD client work to include degrees in horticulture and engineering, years of hands-on experience with my own extensive landscape, and a lifelong passion for nature and the environment. For interested clients, I specialize in environmentally heathy landscapes that benefit birds, pollinators, and natural systems.

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