Looking for a more “natural” and native landscape? Considering a new hardscape element? Confused by conflicting how-to information?  Challenged with a particular problem area?

I can help with these and other questions with an on-site consultation.

  • Avoid costly trial-and-error landscape changes

  • Improve plant success with smart selection and easier management practices

  • Increase enjoyment of your landscape and improve  environmental value

  • Save money with unbiased guidance for home improvement projects affecting the landscape

Flowers of Indiangrass backlit by the setting sun
Gary discussing ideas with a client on site
Blooming Liatris and Nodding Onion with meadow in background
A front yard suburban meadow with a curving lawn path running through
A colorful blooming wet bog garden plant community with path in front and meadow in background
Attractive plant community mix of native plants including coreopsis and columbine
Portrait of blooming joe-pye and great blue lobelia

 Landscape Ecology

Sustainable, organic, water conservation, lawn reduction

Creating and managing a landscape that works with and not against natural processes is a shift in traditional thinking about residential landscapes. If your objective is to reduce your ecological footprint, I can help you achieve your goals.
A garden of interwoven native plants in harmony
An attractively maintained combination of a multi-stemmed Sweebay magnolia with an understory of Summersweet
Handsaw pruning a branch from an Oak tree
A perfectly pruned native Fringetree Chionanthus virginicus in full glory bloom

 Plant Installation and Management

Selection, Maintenance and More

Plants are highly variable responding to site conditions, planting methods, management and more.  I can guide you to increased success. From plant acquisition, layout, and planting tips to efficient management strategies.
Brilliant yellow sulfur butterfly on bright orange Butterfly-weed
Clearwing Hummingbird moth nectaring on flowering beebalm
American goldfinch feeding on the seeds of Echinacea
Monarch butterfly nectaring on blooming New England Aster
Great-spangled fritillary and orange skipper on Milkweed

 Wildlife Attraction

Pollinators, Birds, Butterflies

A landscape that attracts wildlife visitors may start with a few native plants. Creating a true wildlife garden takes meeting broader habitat needs and thinking about your stewardship differently – as habitat that sustains and allows for natural processes.