Whether you are new to having a landscape, confused by conflicting how-to information, or experienced but challenged with a particular problem, I provide my experience and resources to help you with the information and skills you need.

  • Avoid costly trial-and-error landscape changes
  • Improve plant success with selection and easier management practices
  • Increase livable enjoyment of your landscape while improving its environmental sustainability and wildlife appeal
  • Save money with unbiased guidance for major home improvement projects affecting the landscape
  • Reduce your ecological footprint

Landscapes have living elements that grow and are challenged by the forces of nature. I maintain long term relationships with many clients to manage changes to their landscape over time.

Planting Sundrops (Oenothera) using rooted pieces dug from other location

Plant Installation and Management

Plants often ignore nursery tags and information resources. They are highly variable and respond to site conditions, planting methods, management and more!  I’ll guide you to increased success with support from plant acquisition, layout, and installation procedures for new plantings through management strategies for long term health.

Plant selection and identification | Invasive plants | Pests |
Maintenance issues | Native plants

Native plant community with Rhododendron arborescens and Phlox glaberrima in bloom

Landscape Ecology

Creating and managing a landscape that works with and not against natural processes is a challenging shift in traditional thinking about residential landscapes. If your objective is to reduce your ecological footprint, I can help you achieve your goals while also creating an attractive and inviting yard.

Sustainability | Lawn Alternatives | Low Impact |
Organic | Water conservation

Golden Northern Bumble bee pollinating Red Columbine

Wildlife Attraction

A landscape that attracts wildlife visitors can start with a few native plants, but to create a wildlife paradise it takes meeting broader habitat needs and thinking about your garden differently – as habitat that sustains and allows for natural processes.

Birds | Pollinators – butterflies, bees | Food | Shelter | Water

Flagstone formal steps and walls leading down to pool area in Reading PA

Hardscape Improvements

Remodeling and new construction often results in major changes to the landscape. Allow me to offer an expert, unbiased consultation to guide you before making final decisions on these critical and expensive features that will impact the usability and appeal of your overall landscape.

Building Construction | Pools | Decks | Patios and Walks |Walls |Fences

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