New Homeowner Walk-through

Identify issues early | Prevent costly mistakes |

Learn what you bought | Understand your custom site needs

Professional advice on your new landscape

The moving truck is gone, but you’re long from settled. And now you’re faced with a yard too! Even avid gardeners can be overwhelmed.The previous owners might have left issues that should be addressed quickly. Neighbors will tell you what they want you to do. Garden centers will suggest plants they need to sell. Installers will recommend work you may not need. Let me help you sort through these and other issues.

This consultation puts YOU and YOUR PROPERTY NEEDS first with an objective to identify practical, low cost approaches, and prioritized solutions.

Example areas a New Home Walk-through covers:

Typical Existing Foundation Planting of mixed woody plants


  • What are they?
  • What do I keep?
  • Which need to go?
  • Maintenance needs?
  • How will the site affect plantings?
Typical mixed hardscape of various materials; brick walkway, flagstone patio


  • Assessment of patios, walkways, and decks
  • Replace, Repair, Enhance?
  • Potential problems such as drainage issues?


A full featured Outdoor Living Area with patio, furniture, firepit and pond

Outdoor Living

  • Will existing features meet lifestyle needs?
  • Relaxation and Entertainment Spaces?
  • Play and Utility Areas?
  • Privacy and screening?

I’ll walk around your new yard with you, answer your questions, and point out positives, negatives and issues you might not be aware of. I’ll apply my decades of landscape design, horticulture and engineering expertise for your benefit.

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