My overriding goal is to help you achieve your goals. My approaches to design and consulting process are tailored toward that end. My design philosophies have the added benefits of residential landscapes with increased ecological health.

Analyzing and Meeting Your Needs

I listen very carefully to what you have to say, and ask questions you may not have thought of.  Whether or not you have specific ideas, I’ll work to uncover and understand your underlying needs to achieve your dreams and desires.

Isometric hand sketch of moss and rock meditation garden

Hand sketch of meditation garden

Typical Design Process

Most design projects will follow a similar process, but vary by complexity:

  • initial communications to determine your needs
  • site survey and analysis
  • rough draft or concept development
  • review meeting for your input
  • final design development
  • final presentation meeting to ensure all goals are met
3D model of backyard outdoor living space of analysis and review

3D model of patio space

Mature natural landscape with unique custom bridge stepper path and dense structured plantings

Natural Landscaping

I seek to create landscape spaces and plantings that look and feel as if they were meant to be, not forced or contrived. Natural landscapes can be accomplished using various styles and without compromising community acceptance. With artful integration of hardscapes and plantings, natural landscapes become inviting and visually legible. Because plants are living, growing, and constantly changing organisms, natural landscaping allows for designs that gracefully mature with seasonal change and long-term plant growth and succession.

Native shrub community in fall color with Winterberry Holly and Oakleaf Hydrangea in fall color


I prefer native plants, but many non-native plants also have great utility and beauty. I select plants for each site and situation considering all the variables.

Plants evolved as members of complex communities of many organisms. Wherever feasible I strive to create functioning plant communities that are harmonious in their adaptation to a site and to each other. Diverse site-appropriate plant communities result in resilient landscapes requiring less maintenance in the long-run.

Firepit and multi-level patio create appealing outdoor living spaces


I create unique and interesting hardscapes that feel natural to the space applying the design philosophy “form follows function”. While I prefer natural materials, there are many attractive and functional products available.

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